Chateau Musar 
Gaston Hochar Bekaa Valley 
We do not keep this is stock, for those who like a muscular and full bodied red they are good wines, particularly as they get older.  We are able to source various vintages, ranging in price from £23.00 to £32.00 for older vintages.
Having been requested to put on a few wines from Germany on the list that are on a rather sweeter level than other European drinking wines, I have included the following.      
Leibraumilch Schmitt Soehne 2010/2011 (12) £7.20 £86.40
Piesporter Michelsberg Qba Schmitt 2010/2011 Soehne NV (12) £7.59 £91.08
Blue Riesling Kabinett, Schmitt Soehne 2009/10 (Blue Bottle) (12) £7.59 £91.08
Piesportter Goldtrophchen, Riesling Kabinett 2010/11 (12) £8.75 £105.00
Bischolfliche Dom Riesling Dry 2016 (6) £10.29 £61.74
Kalogeri Malagouzia 2014 (6) £11.79 £70.74
Domaine Papagiannokos      
This grape variety has gained a huge following with nearly 80 wineries now bottling it. This exampke, which is made in Attica is full of fruity, citrus aromas, has a smart lemon taste with plenty of body which makes is both exciting and different.