Sierra Grande      
Central Valley      
Sierra Chardonnay 2010/2011 (6) £6.29 £37.74
Sierra Sauvignon Blanc 2010/2011 (6) £6.90 £37.74
The sauvignon is dry with good fruit and acidity whereas the chardonnay is a more medium styled white.      
Sierra Merlot 2010/2011 (6) £6.29 £37.74
Sierrra Cabernet Sauvignon 2009/2010 (6) £6.29 £37.74
The merlot is typical of fruit driven new world wines, while the cabernet sauvginon is in a rather more traditional style.      
Sierrra Pinot Noir (6) £6.59 £39.54 
Montevista Santa Emilian Casablanca
Montevista Sauvginon Blanc 2015  (6)  £6.95 £41.70
This is a gentler and less zippy type of sauvginon often associated with Chile. Good with fish or pasta.
Montevista Chardonnay 2015  (6) £6.95  £41.70
A well balanced and rounded wine, this lovely lemony yellow chardonnay has a flavour hinting of bananas and pineapples and is particularly good with food.
Montevista Sauvignon Rose 2013/2014  (6) £6.95  £41.70
This has changed style and is now pale rose with less upfront fruit and more minerality.
Montevista Merlot 2013-2016 (6)  £6.95  £41.70
An excellent example of New World Merlot, round, soft and full of flavour but with good underlying tannins.
Montevista Cabernet Sauvignon 2015/2016 (6)  £6.95  £41.70
Although this wine does not have the full fruitiness of its brother above, it has a powerful earthy structure typical of cabernet sauvignon but ending with a mellow note. 
Montevista Carmenere 2015/2016 (6) £6.95 £41.70
A big, soft easy drink and typical of Chilean Carmenere.      
Alvier Sauvignon Blanc 2015/16 (6) £7.29 £43.74
An excellent example of fresh even tasting Chilean sauvignon with good mouthfeel and a delicate finish.      
Torreon de Paredes
Valle De Rengo 
Torreon de Paredes Sauvignon Blanc 2014/2015 (12)  £8.49  £101.88 
This is a lovey young, fresh and fruit driven wine with a vibrant acidity and a delicate finish that goes will with or with out food. 
 Torreon de Paredes Chardonnay 2011/2012 
£8.49 £101.88 
Full flavoured but well balanced, this Chardonnay goes well with food.       
Torreon de Paredes Cabernet Sauvignon 2011/2012  (12) £8.49 £101.88 
A medium bodied Cabernet Sauvignon with good ripe fruit characteristics that makes it easy to drink on any occasion.      
Torreon de Paredes Merlot 2013/2015 (12) £8.49 £101.88 
This is a delightfully young and smooth medium bodied merlot that has plenty of ripe fruit in the back ground, but with a good structure to allow the wine to develop in the mouth.      
 Julio Bouchon Merlot 2014 (12) £9.50 £114.00
 A new vintage and we have managed to bring the price down. This is lovely fruit driven merlot with good tannins to balance the fruit that gives it an easy but satisfying finish. One of the best new world merlots around.      
Goyenecha Malbec 2014 (12) £8.59 £103.08
Made by the family Goyenechea by the River Atuel in the San Raphael district, this is very distinctive malbec, dry yet robust with good lingering fruit. perfect with all red meats and pasta.