Marktree Semillion Sauvignon 2012/3  (6)  £6.75  £40.50

The Semillion is very much to the fore on first taste but then the Sauvingnon takes over. Very tasty and a good outdoor summer wine.


Marktree Cabernet Savuignon / Merlot 2013 (6) £6.75 £40.50

Typically easy drinking Australian blend with good roundness of fruit and a satisfying finish.


Soldiers Block Chardonnay (6) £6.89 £41.34
McLaren Vale      

Good value inexpensive Australian wine that is perfect for parties or everyday drinking.


Soldiers Block Shiraz (6) £6.89 £41.34

Warm, vibrant and full of fruit. Not as peppery as some of the cheaper Shiraz;s can be and good value.


Willowglen Shiraz 2014 (South East Australia) (6) £7.49 £44.94
De Bortoli      
Well balanced with good tight knit fruit and well integrated tannins. This is a really good value shiraz, that is not at all peppery and slips down a treat.      
 McPherson Wine Company (12) £8.29  £99.48 
MWC Pinot Gris 2015      
This Pinot Gris has a very European feel to it. Well rounded characters on first taste.      
 MWC Shiraz Mouverdre  (12) £8.29  £99.48 
This has a lovely grip about it with good fruit and well balanced residual tannins. Very satisfying with a good finish and is a quality shiraz.      
New Zealand      
First Dawn, Marlborough 2013/14 (6) £8.95 £53.70
Sauvignon Blanc      

Very much in the New Zealand style, with plenty of citrus/gooseberry fruit and is a lovely fresh and exhilarating wine.


The Crossings Marlborough 2010 (6) £11.59 £69.54
Awatere Valley Sauvignon Blanc      

This is lighter and fresher than some New Zealand Saivugnons but with unmistakeable gooseberry fruit and a flinty mineral background. An xcellent aperitif.


Babich Marlborough 2014 Sauvignon Blanc (6) £12.49 £74.94

Full of vibrant fruit and giving of the best in the qualities of New Zealand Sauvginon Blanc and leavign a zesty finish on the palate.


Ass Kisser Shiraz 2010 (South Australia) (12) £9.98 £119.40
Rocland Estates      

Excellent quality shiraz with an interesting name!


The Crossings Marlborough 2009/2010 (6) £11.59 £69.54
Awatere Valley Pinot Noir      

The palate is rich with some delightful cherry notes, good structure and minerality that typfies this regions Pinot Noir.


Cloudy Bay 2010/11 Sauvignon Blanc/Chardonnay (12) £19.75 £237.00

Beautifully made wine, full of fruit and fragrance that is well known throughout the world. Subject to availability.


Sileni Pinot Noir 2015 (6) £9.49 £56.94
Hawkes Bay      
Excellent mid range pinot noir that is light yet luscious and a lovely lunchtime wine.      
Sileni 'The Plateau' Pinot Noir 2013 (6) £12.99 £77.94
Hawkes Bay      
As it's name suggests this is a step or two up from its stable companion above. More structure and greater depth bring another dimension to this wine and it is perfect for burgundy or pinot noir lovers alike. Recommended.