Marktree Semillion Sauvignon 2012/3  (6)  £6.29  £37.74 

The Semillion is very much to the fore on first taste but then the Sauvingnon takes over. Very tasty and a good outdoor summer wine.


Marktree Cabernet Savuignon / Merlot 2013 (6) £6.29 £37.74

Typically easy drinking Australian blend with good roundness of fruit and a satisfying finish.


Soldiers Block Chardonnay (6) £7.20 £43.20
McLaren Vale      

Good value inexpensive Australian wine that is perfect for parties or everyday drinking.


Soldiers Block Shiraz (6) £7.20 £43.20

Warm, vibrant and full of fruit. Not as peppery as some of the cheaper Shiraz;s can be and good value.


New Zealand      
First Dawn, Marlborough 2013 (6) £8.69 £52.14
Sauvignon Blanc      

Very much in the New Zealand style, with plenty of citrus/gooseberry fruit and is a lovely fresh and exhilarating wine.


The Crossings Marlborough 2010 (6) £9.95 £59.70
Awatere Valley Sauvignon Blanc      

This is lighter and fresher than some New Zealand Saivugnons but with unmistakeable gooseberry fruit and a flinty mineral background. An xcellent aperitif.


Babich Marlborough 2014 Sauvignon Blanc (6) £12.29 £73.74

Full of vibrant fruit and giving of the best in the qualities of New Zealand Sauvginon Blanc and leavign a zesty finish on the palate.


Ass Kisser Shiraz 2010 (South Australia) (12) £10.98 £131.76
Rocland Estates      

Excellent quality shiraz with an interesting name!


The Crossings Marlborough 2009/2010 (6) £11.59 £69.54
Awatere Valley Pinot Noir      

The palate is rich with some delightful cherry notes, good structure and minerality that typfies this regions Pinot Noir.


Cloudy Bay 2010/11 Sauvignon Blanc/Chardonnay (12) £19.75 £237.00

Beautifully made wine, full of fruit and fragrance that is well known throughout the world. Subject to availability.