Ancora Monferrato Chiaretto Rose 2016/17 (Italy)  (6) £6.39   £38.34

This is typically rustic styled Italian Rose, with a slightly burnt coral colour. Excellent for barbecues and outstide drinking.

Bellefontaine Grenache Rose 2017 (France) (6) £6.75 £40.50
Good easy drinking pale Rose that will suit anyone and everyone for everyday drinking.      
Casal Mendes NV (Portugal) (6) £6.95 £41.70
Not as dry as the other Roses on the list. This is coral pink in colour with a softness in style that is typical of Portuguese Rose.      
Percheron Grenache Rose 2017 (W. O. Swartland) (6) £6.95 £41.70
 Fresh and light styled Rose that is cracking good value.      
Montevista Sauvignon Blanc Rose 2016 (Chile)   (6)  £7.20 £43.20

This has changed style and is now a very pale rose with less upfront fruit and more minerality.

 False Bay Rose 2017 (South Africa)  (6)  £6.95 £41.70

One of the best New World Roses on the list we think. Pale in colour, fresh yet with plenty of taste and a dry finish. Recommended.


La Delfina Pinot Grigio Blush 2016 (Sicily, Italy) (6) £8.90 £53.40

For Pinot Grigio affectionados this is great - pale in colour easy drinking with mild acidity.


Domaine de Montmarin Rose 2016/17 (France) (6) £8.49 £50.94
Les Oliviers

This has always been very well received. Plenty of lively fruit, uncomplicated and just a very good drink.


 Circumstance Cape Coral 2017 (South Africa)  (6)  £10.20 £61.20
 Excellent light styled pale Rose that has beautifully rounded dryness and a good finish.

 Chateau Gairoird Rose 2015/16 (Organic) (6) £10.95  £65.70
Cotes de Provence    
This organic rose is beautifuly elegant with a hint of aromatics and a satisfying ripe mouth texture. Delicious.      
Rimauresq Cru Classes Rose, Cotes de Provence 2017 (6) £11.49 £68.94
Deliciously clean tasting Rose with depth and great class throughout. A delight to drink at anytime.      
Chateau de Sours 2016 (France) (12) £11.99 £143.88

This well known rose is always full of quality and freshness. It is now made much more in the style of Provence Roses and a delight to drink.