Ancora Monferrato Chiaretto Rose 2015/16 (Italy)  (6) £6.20   £37.20

This is typically rustic styled Italian Rose, with a slightly burnt coral colour. Excellent for barbecues and outstide drinking.

Casal Mendes NV (Portugal) (6) £6.59 £39.54
Not as dry as the other Roses on the list. This is coral pink in colour with a softness in style that is typical of Portuguese Rose.      
Bellefontaine Grenache Rose 2014/15 (France) (6) £6.49 £38.94
Lovely easy drinking pale Rose that will suit anyone and everyone for everyday drinking.      
Le Petit Chat Malin, Pays d'Oc Rose 2015/16 (France) (6) £6.49 £38.94
Pale in colour, this is very quaffable, light bodied Rose with good fresh fruit flavours.  The name has changed, but not the wine, was Chat En Oeuf.      
Montevista Sauvignon Blanc Rose 2014/2015 (Chile)   (6)  £6.95 £41.70

This has changed style and is now a very pale rose with less upfront fruit and more minerality.


 Pasquiers Grenache Cinsault Rose 2015 (France)  (6)  £6.29 £37.74
 Pays d'Oc

Very pale in colour, almost white, this is very smart and snappy with good fruit and a long dry finish.


Percheron Grenache Rose 2015/16 (W. O. Swartland) (6) £6.75 £40.50
Fresh and light styled Rose that is cracking good value.      
 False Bay Rose 2016 (South Africa)  (6)  £6.95 £41.70

One of the best New World Roses on the list we think. Pale in colour, fresh yet with plenty of taste and a dry finish. Recommended.


La Delfina Pinot Grigio Blush 2015/16 (Sicily, Italy) (12) £7.49 £89.88

Very pale Salmon colour this is a lovely easy drinking rose with fruity aromas and a mild acidity.


Domaine de Montmarin Rose 2015/16 (France) (12) £7.95 £95.40
Les Oliviers

This has always been very well received. Plenty of lively fruit, uncomplicated and just a very good drink.


 Chateau Routas Rose 2015/16 (France)  (12)  £9.20  £110.40
 AOC Coteaux Varois

Excellent fresh and a delight to drink. A good example of Provence rose, pale but with plenty of fruit and well balanced acidity.

 Circumstance Cape Coral 2016  (6)  £9.49 £56.94
 Excellent light styled pale Rose that is very complete in every tasting department. Has very good reviews by Janice Robinson and is thoroughly recommended.

 Chateau la Moutet Grande Reserve Rose 2014 (France)  (6)  £9.89  £59.34
 Cotes de Provence      

 Class Rose, that anyone would be pleased to drink. Very pale in colour, light styled, fresh but enough body and fruit to make you think about what you are drinking.


 Chateau Gairoird Rose 2015/16 (Organic) (6) £10.75  £64.50
Cotes de Provence    
This organic rose is beautifuly elegant with a hint of aromatics and a satisfying ripe mouth texture. Delicious.      
 Chateau de Sours 2015/16 (France)  (12) £11.49   £137.88

This well known rose is always full of quality and freshness. It is now made much more in the style of Provence Roses and a delight to drink.


 £23.00 Mag
Rimauresq Cru Classes Rose, Cotes de Provence 2015/16 (6) £11.99 £71.94
Deliciously clean tasting Rose with depth and great class throughout. A delight to drink at anytime.