Maison le Vigneron Sec Pays des Cotes du Gascogne 2015/16 (6) £6.49 £38.94

They have upgraded this new house wine we now stock. Still a good price for this fresh and very drinkable French Country wine with plenty of background fruit.


Bellefontaine Sauvignon 2015/16 (6) £6.75 £40.50
Exactly what you expect from this grape variety. Fresh and snappy yet with a good finish.      
Moreau Slelect Medium Dry White NV (12) £7.29 £87.48

This is made from a blend of grapes, and although described as medium, it is still a lovely fresh but rounded wine.

Marius Blanc 2015/16 (6) £8.29 £49.74
Terret Vermentino      

This has a lovely open nose of citrus aromas, with great freshness and fruity attack and a good persistent finish.


La Lisse Soie d'Ivoire Chenin Blanc IGP 2016 (6) £8.20 £49.20
Pays de La Haute de L'Aude      
Attractive, fresh, zesty nose with a very easy first taste. A touch of 'apple' with the Chenin Blanc and a 'not too dry' style of finish.      
 Domaine de Montmarin Sauvignon 2014  (12) £7.95   £95.40

Good fruit well balanced with excellent acidity, an easy drink to be enjoyed with or without food.

 Claude Val Blanc 2016  (6) £8.29  £49.74

 This wine which is a blend of six varieties of grapes fits the bill for almost every occasion. Light, fresh with an instantly good flavour that slides down a treat.

Sagesse Blanc 2016/17 (6) £8.29 £49.74
Vin de Pays d'Oc      
The white sagesse is a blend of Marsanne/Rousanne with a touch of Chardonnay and Colombard making it remarkeable smooth and streamlined and is highly recommended in this range.      
Les Garrigues Grenache Blanc 2013/16 (6) £9.29 £55.74
Well made, unwaveringly staight, with good background fruit, this is a lovely wine to have with all white meats and fish.      
 Maison de Vigneron Rouge 2014/15  (6) £6.49  £38.94 
 Pays de Vauclause

 As with the white this house wine has been upgraded and represents excellent value for a light but well balanced red.


Baron Philippe de Rothchild (6) £7.59 £45.54
Merlot Vin de Pays d'Oc      
Cabernet Sauvignon      

Both are good value french country reds. The merlot is soft in style while the cabernet sauvignon is more alike to a bordeaux styled wine.

Moreau Select Red NV (12) £7.89 £94.68

A very easy all round red. Soft with subtle and engaging fruit.

Marius Rouge 2015/16 (6) £8.29 £49.74
Grenache Syrah      
Medium to full bodied wine made from a blend of Grenache and Syrah displaying both fruit and warmth.      
Claude Val Rouge  2016 (6) £8.29


 Four grape varieties creating a lovely easy, approachable red and thoroughly recommended for everday drinking.


Sagesse Rouge 2016/17 (6) £8.29 £49.74
Vin de Pays d'Oc      

 Made from Merlot with a touch of Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot this is a more solid and robust red than the Claude Val above, suitable for any occasion.


 Les Volet Pinot Noir 2015/16 (6) £8.49 £50.94
Pays de L'Haute Vallee de L'Aude      

Medium bodied with a charming soft fruit complexity throughout and thoroughly approachable and can be drunk with or without food. 


 Chateau La Roca 2015/16 (12)  £9.49   £113.88
A full, soft and vibrant red that is excellent value. Recommended.
Domaine de Valmoissine Pinot Noir 2014 (12) £11.59 £139.08
Louis Latour      

This has elegance and finesse making it as good as some burgundies but at half the price.


La Mascaronne, Coes de Provence 2005      
 Full bodied, yet with great charm and complexity with a touch of sweetness and is drinking well now. (6) £12.95 £77.70