58 Guineas Claret 2014/15 (6) £7.69 £46.14

Easy styled, unpretentious Bordeaux at a good price. 

Chateau Brande-Bergere 2013 (12) £10.50 £126.00
Bordeaux Superieur

 A new Bordeuax which we loved straight away. Warm and beautifully balanced, this is medium bodied, mature and interesting tasting claret.

Chateau Mayne Vieil Fronsac 
Quite stern, upstanding sort of claret with good background structure and fruit which should give a lot of pleasure with food.
Chateau Mayne Vieil Fronsac 2005 (6)  £11.75 £70.50
Chateau Mayne Vieil Fronsac 2006 (6)  £9.99 £59.94
Chateau Mayne Vieil Fronsac 2007 (6)  £10.20 £61.20
Chateau Mayne Vieil Fronsac 2010 (6)   £10.50 £63.00
Chateau Dallau 2012 (6) £10.95 £65.74
Bordeaux Superior

Good fruit, well balanced, this Bordeaux is an excellent supper wine.


Chateau Puy Garance 2011/12 (6) £10.29 £61.74
Cotes de Castillon      
The price has gone up since the 2007 vintage, but this is still a great buy. It is well balanced and authentic styled Claret, that has plenty of background fruit, and is a pleasure to drink.      
 Chateau Leon 2013  (12)  £11.95  £143.40
 Premieres Cotes de Bordeaux

 Chateau Leon is the second wine of a Chateau Carignan and is a blend of all the traditional varietals giving it good structure and a full ripe fruit character.


Chateau Carignan  2008  (12)  £13.59  £163.08
Premieres Cotes de Bordeaux

Well made Bordeaux using the traditional varietals of Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, giving it full, ripe characteristics.


Chateau Tayat 2010  (6)  £14.95
Bordeaux Superieur

Lovely well balanced traditional styled bordeaux that is drinking really well now and is a real claret lovers' wine.


Chateau Tour St Bonnet
Medoc Cru Bourgeois
An excellent example of this early maturing claret with a lovely mix of fruit and tannin and startign to drink really well.
Chateau Tour St Bonnet 2010  (12)  £15.99  £191.88
Les Caleches de Lanessan 2011 (6) £15.95 £95.70
 The second wine of Chateau Lanessan, this is typically medoc in style with great finesse and balance and good underlying fruit throughout.
Chateau Cissac (owc) 2007/8  (12) £14.75 £177.00 
Haut Medoc

Unlike many of the 2007s this is a robust and full flavoured claret with tannins that are starting to integrate well and will please traditional claret lovers. Excellent value.




Chateau Puy Castera 2011  (12) £17.29  £207.48
Haut Medoc

Beautifully approachable claret from the excellent vintage of 2010. Supple, easy and delightful. Recommended.


Chateau La Chenade 2008 (12) £16.29 £195.48
Lalande de Pomerol      
Not as forward as the 2009 - this is drier in style with less upfront fruit but well balanced tradtional styled Claret.      
Chateau Senejac 2012 (12) £18.99 £227.88 
Haut Medoc      

Hopefully arriving in the near future.

Clos de la Cure 2006/2010  (6) £19.50  £117.00 
St Emilion Grand Cru

We have small quantities of this delightfully pleasing St Emilion. A most deliciously fragrant and sweet mouthful of claret but still upheld by good structure and tannin content.


Chateau La Haye 2009  (12)  £24.50 £294.00 
 St Estephe

 Another of the 2009 vintage which is stunningly good value as it can be drunk now, but will wait as well. Delicious velvety claret with excellent structure a real delight and recommended.


Chateau Potensac 2010  (12) £27.95  £335.40
 Medoc Cru Bourgeois

Dark in colour, still fairly intense blackcurrant flavours. Rich in style with firm tannins. This is a truly excellent example of medoc wine,


Domaine de Chevalier 2008  (12) £42.00  £504.00 

 Always an elegant and rewarding claret to drink, even in unfashionable vintages.


 Chateau Haut Marbuzet 2008  (12) £36.50 £438.00 

St Estephe

Still quite dark in colour, but starting to really come forward. Beautifully balanced, steady fruit with tannins that are integrating well. It will improve and mature in the next 5 years.



 Chateau La Fleur d'Or 2009

This is Bill Blatch's own label, so comes with its own reccendation. Fully sweet yet a long finish - excellent.



Domaine de L'Alliance 2009 (50cl) O W C

Concentrated, deep nose, lovely sweetness on first taste. Followed by an explosion of delicate fruit and a long finish. Delicious and different.


Chateau Loit 2003  £29.00

Complex, smooth well made sauternes which compliments both Foie Gras and puddings beautifully. Always good value. (Limited stock.)


Domaine de Grange Neuve Monbazillac £9.75

This has more concentred sweetness than the Sauternes above, but still has elegance and style making it very good value.


Campbell's Rutherglen Muscat (Australia) £15.75 

 Sumptously rich, and almost caramel in colour, for those who love a real sweetie, this is it!


NB. As long as one case of wine is ordered a bottle of Sweet Bordeaux may be added if you do not require the whole case.