Vouvray La Croix Picaussee 2016 (6)  £9.20  £55.20
This is perfect for those who do not want anything too dry, and will also go beautifully with pork and apple or cheese with chutney. This has won gold meadals back to back and has a delightful medium dry softness and with plentiful flavour throughout.  
Domaine Langlois - Chateau 2016 (6) £10.50 £63.00
Saumer Blanc

Well known and highly regarded Loire wine which ticks all the boxes for a white wine on any occasion. Full of character yet dry, with great length of flavour and can be drunk with or without food.


Sauvignon Touraine 2016  (6) £10.75  £64.50 
Domaine Thierry Michaud

For those who like sancerre, but not the price tag, try this. It is an excellent alternative with its delicious background of subtle fruit yet freshness to excite the palate.


Langlois  - Chateau Sancerre 2014/15  (6) £14.20  £85.20

Well made Sancerre that is dry with good background fruit.

Domaine Langlois - Chateau 2005 (6) £14.99 £89.94
Vielles Vignes

This is just stunningly good white wine, better than some burgundies at twice the price. Rich, full of flavour but yet fresh with excellent length at the finish.


Harmonie, Pouilly Fume 2013 (12) £15.29 £183.48
Domaine Chatelain

This just oozes class and freshness and is beautifully balanced and thoroughly luxurious.


Chateau de Fontaine - Audon Sancerre 2011 (6) £15.59 £93.54

A very handsome tasting sancerre with excellent body and flavour and still as dry as a bone.




Domaine Langlois - Chateau 2014 (6) £10.29 £61.74
Saumer Rouge
Well balanced, gentle yet fleshy red, with notes of cassis and red berries, an ideal summer red.